The launch of the “Metaverse” platform supported by the government

City opened Nanjing Nanjing (provincial capital Jiangsu in East China) recently, the “China Metaverse Technology and Application Innovation” platform to promote research and development across the country.

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The platform is made up of founding members, representing various academic institutions and companies associated with Metaverse Throughout China, it is state-supported and led Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology NUIST.

On the other hand, the platform aims to bring together the resources of academic institutions and companies in China, and promote research endeavors in areas related to Metaverse technology.

It can be said to be an interconnected digital world, where users can interact with each other and with computer-generated environments in real time.

As you compete Nanjing And other Chinese cities, to occupy a prominent place in the development of Metaverse in the country, as the city revealed in February 2023, its strategy for Metaverse, which aims to create a thriving industry with annual revenues exceeding 135 billion yuan ($ 19.13 billion) by the end of 2025 .

China: Launch of the government-backed Metaverse platform

Turn seeking city Shanghai To achieve its aspirations regarding Metaverse technology as well, it expects its industrial revenues to reach 350 billion yuan ($49.6 billion) by 2025.

It recently presented its initial collection, which includes more than 20 use cases for Metaverse, covering areas as diverse as virtual healthcare diagnostics and digital recreations of the city’s historic architectural landmarks.

Finally, although China maintains strict regulations regarding cryptocurrencies andNon-Fungible NFT TokensHowever, it recognizes the transformative power of technology Web3including Metaverse, in driving its digital economy.

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Where the former deputy minister of science and technology, Wu Zhong-zeHe highlighted the importance of expanding the use of Metaverse in various sectors, including education, commerce, healthcare and entertainment, and stressed the need to set industry standards for this technology.

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