MetaMask publishes its new terms and confuses the crypto community

Portfolio terms spread MetaMask Significantly new, as it surprised and confused the crypto community, and if you do not pay any taxes, the company will reserve the right to deduct it from your own wallet.

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Face both MetaMask AndConsenSys (the developer) Now, a backlash for withholding consumer money in order to pay taxes, which is incompatible with decentralization and financial freedom.

New Metamask Terms Face Backlash

The new terms stipulate that fees paid by consumers are exclusive taxes unless otherwise indicated, with the right to deduct taxes when needed.

Wallet users will be required to specify and pay all taxes, as well as government fees and charges, after they have been paid ConsenSys Some important changes to the Terms of Use, relating to offers in April 2023.

Decentralization is at risk

Decentralization is the core principle of cryptocurrencies, and the crypto community has taken to Twitter to criticize the move taken by the wallet, claiming that it is against decentralization and financial freedom.

Metamask publishes its new terms and confuses the crypto community

in turn not issued metamask Any clarifications regarding the crypto community’s recent confusion.

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And she was ConsenSys It faced backlash last December when it published its data-collection practices, in which it shared users’ transaction data along with their IP addresses, with its other product. Infora InfuraAnd she did metamask It later updated its portfolio, in response to this backlash.

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