2024 Presidential Candidate Begins Accepting Bitcoin Donations

announced the democratic politician Robert Kennedy JrHe will start accepting donations Bitcoin Bitcoin for his political campaign, in the run-up to the general presidential elections in the United States next year.

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Where is an advertisement KennedyFor the first time in US history, a presidential election has been marked by a political campaign, donations are accepted in cryptocurrency.

And it was Robert Kennedy Jr He recently announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections in the United States, and his presence came at a conference Bitcoin Bitcoin 2023 It comes as a surprise to most people, given the regulatory concern surrounding cryptocurrency in the country.

However, he added a surprise by revealing that his campaign would start accepting donations in currency bitcoin.

Worth noting, that Kennedy During his keynote speech at the conference, he described Bitcoin as a symbol of freedom that enshrines the spirit of democracy and freedom of expression, as he said:

“We are showing the world today, the strength, durability, and resilience of Bitcoin, a passion for freedom and democracy, and the promise that this innovation must guarantee those virtues.”

United States: 2024 Presidential Candidate Begins Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Speaking about his motives for supporting Bitcoin, the Democratic politician revealed that he first realized the value and potential of this currency when the Canadian government froze bank accounts to crack down on truck drivers who were protesting against restrictions. Corona COVID-19.

He also believes that the government’s repression has shown him how free money is as important as freedom of expression, he says.

mention that Robert Kennedy JrEarlier this month, he criticized President Biden’s administration’s proposal to impose a 30% tax on electricity used by cryptocurrency miners in the United States.

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The politician tweeted against the proposal, highlighting the importance of a diversified currency environment in the country.

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