Launching Zippo platform to enable instant global transactions for telecom companies

The telecommunications industry is developing very rapidly, connecting millions of people around the world with its platforms and automated operators, and although it is a rather emerging market, it still relies on outdated compromise methods, which leads to hassles and delays that may not be necessary.

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And here comes the role Zeebuwhich is a platform blockchain Designed to address all issues in the $120 billion telecom industry.

Reliance on Blockchain

platform revealed Zeebuthe world’s first integrated blockchain platform designed for global telecom companies, announced strategic partnerships with companies: BBBT Voice AndBroadband Telecom AndBridgeVoice AndNovatelto revolutionize the telecom industry, by bringing hundreds of thousands of transactions annually to the platform blockchain Her own.

As you are happy Zeebu Including its news partners as its first users, these companies are some of the leading names in the communications industry, with offices all over the world.

Launch of the Zippo platform to enable instant global transactions for telecom operators

In turn, the co-founder and CEO of the company Zeebu, Raj BrahmbhattHis thoughts on the telecom industry, where he said:

“The world of communications is fast paced and constantly changing. The power of blockchain technology lies in its ability to facilitate transactions, as well as its ability to enhance trust and transparency.

We are sure that partnerships Zeebu With key communications leaders, you will enter a new era of innovation and growth. We look forward to working with our partners to create lasting value and drive sustainable growth for years to come.”

It is worth noting that participating telecom companies will have access to instant and secure settlements around the world using coins Zeebu benefiting from this strategic alliance.

An innovative blockchain solution Zippoa myriad of problems in the telecom companies’ business, such as security threats, complex costs between intermediaries, and remittance delays.

on the opposite side

  • Launched Solana Recently, its flagship Android phone that supports Web3 technology, Saga.
  • Hackers hacked corporate email addresses AT&T Telecom giant, to steal cryptocurrency.

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Why should you care?

  • The telecom industry is a thriving sector that millions of people around the world depend on, however, its reliance on traditional compromises can lead to unnecessary delays, hindering the smooth provision of services.
  • Therefore, the innovative blockchain platform aims to Zippoto meet these challenges head-on, and usher in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the industry.

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