Accusations of using “Bitcoin” to fund fake advertising in the presidential elections

Turkey’s upcoming presidential election, scheduled for Sunday, May 14, is attracting global attention as it could mark the end of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decades-long rule. To make matters more interesting, the current Turkish government is facing some serious accusations.

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Where the head said Turkish opposition party CHP, Tuncay Ozkan, That the party knew that the country’s government would produce false propaganda materials on DarkWeb against the Republican People’s Party (CHP) before the elections Kisadalga The local Turk on May 11.

According to OzkanThe Turkish Communications Directorate contacted Kemal Kilicdarogluleader of the opposition party, to inform them that fake videos against the opposition will be created on Facebook DarkWeb.

These videos will include manipulated audio and video content using technology AI artificial intelligence Known as the deepfake deepfakeand the people who will perform this manipulation have been paid using Bitcoin BTC.

Türkiye: Accusations of Bitcoin being used to fund fake presidential election propaganda

It is worth noting that these allegations come after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently showed a video clip created by artificial intelligence, which made Kilicdaroglu It appears as if he is praising the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a hardline political organization responsible for many terrorist attacks in Turkey.

An expert raises concerns about the impact of publicity

As Turkey approaches its long-awaited presidential election, AI experts have weighed in on allegations of fake propaganda, as Sunday’s election is also one of the world’s first major elections to deal with such advanced AI technology.

And believed Henry Ajderwho specializes in deepfake deepfakeThis is a matter of concern, because such persuasive advertising materials can have a significant impact on the bottom line:

“If you can flood sophisticated, humanoid discourse on large networks and inauthentic accounts with a single narrative, that clearly can play a role in controlling outcomes.”

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He states that although there are online tools that can verify the source of such content, it still poses a risk to building a media hierarchy.

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