Worldcoin launches WorldApp to enhance decentralized identity

issued draft Worldcoin An announcement on May 8, 2023, in which he revealed the launch of an application World App World App.

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The new app is designed to bring identity and decentralized finance to the masses, and is considered legitimate Worldcoinwhich was presented to the public in October 2021, supported by the CEO of the company Openai, Sam Altman.

Worth noting, that before detecting an application World App World AppSubmitted Worldcoin ID World ID World IDwhich is a protocol based on iris recognition, and claims to be protected against AI manipulation.

Well it is used Zero-knowledge proofs ZK, associated with scanning biometric data. Application will contain World On a crypto wallet, you’ll use cryptocurrency Worldcoin The original (not yet released), plus coins Bitcoin BTC AndEthereum.

On the other hand, the announcement revealed that more than 1.5 million people have already joined the beta phase of the app World App World AppThe app will now be available in more than 80 countries.

This initial rollout is referred to as Phase 1, with plans to expand the app into a comprehensive toolkit in the future, while the ultimate goal of the project is to provide universal basic income to authorized users.

Worldcoin launches an app

In a related context, the advertisement stated that the application World App World Appis the first wallet of the system Worldcoin Launching today, it is designed to support the new private digital identity and financial ecosystem.

It can also be used to authenticate with World ID World ID To prove that you are a real person, get coins Worldcoin your own, and send digital money anywhere.

The application will be available on both operating systems iOS AndAndroid AndroidIt was developed by the company Tools For Humanity (TFH)a technology company created to ensure a fairer economic system.

Mention that project WorldcoinIt faced controversy when it was first announced, due to its eyeball scanning.

The collection of iris scans could pose a potential threat to personal autonomy, if used for non-consensual monitoring.

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In addition, there is concern about the potential for hacking and misuse of biometric data by both private companies and governments, as biometric information is highly personal and unique to each individual, unlike passwords or PINs, which can be changed if hacked. .

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