OKEx competes with Coinbase in a new ad campaign

It looks like a cryptocurrency exchange OKXtrying to compete platform Coinbase In a new global advertising campaign, she says that “the system does not need to be updated, but needs to be reformulated.”

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Where the letter aOKX At the end of a 60-second video campaign, launched on May 9, that targets the so-called “breaking roads” of the centralized financial system.

And although the video does not refer to Coinbase directly, but it seems to imply the stock exchange.

It comes after it was fired Coinbase Campaign on March 9, titled “It’s Time to Upgrade the System.”

Where I discussed campaign Coinbase that although US financial institutions are an essential part of the traditional finance system, they still rely on outdated technology to serve their clients. AndCoinbase discussed Coinbase Encryption is the solution to this problem.

OKEx exchange competes with Coinbase in new advertising campaign
OKEx to compete with Coinbase in new ad campaign 2

For his part, said the marketing director of the company OKX, Haider Rafique In his statement:

“There are two camps of ideas, with one side proposing that we modernize existing systems to create a better world, and the other believing we need to rewrite the system, and our new campaign is a nod to those who think we need to rewrite the system in Web3.”

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The Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange recently indicated its intention to expand its crypto services to Australia, stating in a statement on March 29 that Australia would be a key market.

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