Liechtenstein PM Says Government Will Accept Bitcoin Payments

The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein revealed Daniel Rischwho is also the finance minister, said the country plans to accept payments bitcoin For certain government services.

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He said in an interview with the newspaper Handelsblatt German trading on Sunday, without giving a specific time frame:

“The option to pay with a coin bitcoin he is coming”.

As explained Risch’s feathers that Liechtenstein plans to accept bitcoininstant exchange between the Swiss franc (national currency) and a currency bitcoinin order to avoid exchange rate risk.

Liechtenstein: Prime Minister says government will accept payments

He also made it clear that the cryptocurrency would not be given status equal to the Swiss franc, and that he was open to investing the country’s reserves in the currency. bitcoin in the future.

In turn, the newspaper reported Handelsblatt Handelsblatt Quoting the finance ministry, Liechtenstein’s reserves, which currently stand at around 2.23 billion Swiss francs ($2.51 billion), are mostly invested in securities.

Quotes about Risch’s feathers saying:

“Cryptocurrency is still like bitcoin Risky, but this assessment can of course change.”

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It is noteworthy that the country’s legislature had approved, in October 2019, the Trusted Technology Service Providers Law (abbreviated TVTG in German), as the government indicated in its announcement at the time that, with the new law, Liechtenstein became the first country Comprehensively regulate the token economy.

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